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How are the water coolers installed?

We install our water coolers using highly reliable, food-grade polyethylene tubing and quick-connect fittings. Every cooler installation is slightly different. Our installations are similar to how your phone or computer lines have been installed throughout your office, and take approximatley 30-45 minutes to install.  In cases where the water coolers are not located in the kitchen, we will run the water lines over the dropped ceilings and inside the wall. We will then cut a small hole in the wall behind the cooler, put a color matched wall cover plate on it, and connect the water line to the back of the cooler. Our installations are always very professional and designed to satisfy customers in any type of office or warehouse environment.

How do you know when the filters need to be changed? How often should the coolers be serviced?

We recommend that each cooler service a maximum of 40 people. This will allow the filters to last for 12-months, while also filtering the water for your coffee and ice machines. If you have higher usage than expected, we will come to your office to perform a filter change before 12 months. You will know when the filters need to be changed once the machine stops producing water. Therefore, you will never drink water that is not properly filtered.

Where does bottled water come from?

Two-thirds of all bottled water today is filtered tap water; the other one-third comes from other sources such as wells or springs. Nearly all bottled water is then filtered at the bottling plant and sealed into bottles.

What's the problem with bottled water?

The most obvious problem with bottled water, and the water that is dispensed from bottled coolers, is bacteria growth. After bottled water has been filtered, it sits in the bottles unrefrigerated, which allows the growth of bacteria. Moreover, dirt, dust and airborne germs can easily enter the bottled water coolers through the large opening in the top of the cooler. When the bottles are changed, the neck of the bottled is rarely sanitized, and neither are the hands of the person changing the bottle. Consequently, whatever is on the neck of of the bottle is now in your water storage tank. When was the last time you saw your bottled water company come out and clean, or sanitize, your cooler?

Do you have to sign a rental agreement?

Yes. We offer flexible rental options. 

Can you connect the water cooler to our coffee and ice machine?

Yes.  We install a filtered water line and run it to the coffee machines and ice makers. This is Free of Charge and ensures that your are getting the purest water to your coffee machine and ice maker.

Do you install the water coolers in residences?

Yes. Our filtration systems have become very popular among residences. If you are interested please call us at 800-279-0411.

How do I know that Avalon Water will provide a quality product and superior customer service?

We offer all potential customers a NO COST NO OBLIGATION 5-DAY FREE TRIAL of our water and coffee equipment. This way you can test the quality of our product without any financial obligations. We also provide a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee document. This is a signed document which states that Avalon Water will cover you 100% during your time with us. If you have any problems with the equipment, we will be at your office within 24 hours.


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